Broken Courage

This poe, is dedicated to all the war veterans out there, from ww2 espicially.

Love: Bree Bear ;D

Fear strikes me, as I take another blow

The gun is pointed at me now

I look around, I can’t run nor can I hide

It’s my time

My turn

What Happened?

How did it get to this point?

I drop to my knees

I scream,

I cry

I beg for mercy

Please no

Oh god no, have I really been degraded so much?

The bullet fly’s from the gun. as if it’s in slow motion

Blackness hits me

I see my family

A bright light surrounds them

I am dead

For all those who lived

Who died

Who suffered

I admire them

They’re hearts

They’re courage

They are the one’s who lived for a purpose

Died for a purpose

Had a purpose

I lived

I fought

I lost

I cried

And I was silenced

I lived and I died


I am finally



Special Stories

Rashita: Me
Tabia: Slave
Dendara: My best friend
Bubu: Farmer (my husband)
Sudi: Bubu‘s best friend
Who Killed King TUT?

Rashita sat staring into the dust wondering where Bubu, her husband had gone. He had been gone for hours and she was worried she, after all, she was his wife and she loved him. Rashita started to walk out the door to visit her best friend Dendara, when Bubu walked up. “Where have you been? The crops need to be tilled and we had to wait for you!
“Dear, I was talking to king Tut’s slave and trying to figure out who murdered him!
“King Tutankhamen was killed? How could that be possible, he was a great ruler and a complex person.”
“I know but he is gone and there is nothing that we can do.”
“Oh Dear” Rashita sighed. They went out into the field to see that all but the pomegranates had been harvested.
“There you are!” Sudi screeched. “We have been fretting about you! We thought that you had been killed!”
“Well I haven’t been okay?” Bubu was getting bothered. “Ummm, Sudi can I speak to you, unaccompanied?”
“Yes, of course!” They walked over to the end of the property
“Oh Sudi, I am not talking to the slave I am having an affair with her!” Bubu stared to weep.
“Bubu, you have never been able to keep your eyes on one woman, but Tabia? The loveliest lady in Egypt! I am very disappointed.” He glared at him for a moment and then his firm face softened and then he turned dour. “We, I mean you, should tell Rashita!”
“No! Why would I even think about that! That would be very stupid!”
“ No it wouldn’t besides she, loves you, tell her now before things get too serious Bubu save yourself and your love.” Sudi said delicately.
“Fine I will tell her, when the time is right.”
“No you have to tell her now!” Sudi shrieked.
“Okay” Bubu moaned. They walked back across the field. It was a hot night; like every other and it was getting boring and I wanted my coastline weather back. “Rashita, sweetheart, you know I love you right?”
“Of course Bubu, why should you ask such a dim-witted question?”
“Well, I have been having a…af…aff …affa….affair with the slave.” All Rashita did was return the homemade brown wicker sandals to her small feet, an walked as far as she could.
Rashita was starved, she had no food nor did she have water. She finally reached the great Sahara desert; she felt unconsciousness creeping up on her. She couldn’t bear it any longer, she saw the light but there was no tunnel, all she saw was the perfect place. She was back to the future with her mom and friends and family. All of her current life had vanished, could this be it? Was she really dead? She hoped so, for all she felt was the deep, dark feeling of nothingness, heartbreak.
“Rashita, Rashita! Danm where is she! Rashita! ”
“Bubu calm down, we won’t find her-“
“Shut the hell up!” Then he saw her Drenched with burning sand.”Rashita, I’m here, I will never hurt you again, I’m sorry!” He had no response, not even a pulse of life ran through her.
He shook her and he heard her heart give a rapid beat. “Rashita”
“What do you want; do you want me to be more hurt huh? Tell me, tell me god dammit!”
“I want you back in my arms.”
“Well you know what? That’s just too danm bad for you!” Rashita started sprinting west, towards the village. Bubu chased after her feeling the same way she did. “Stop following me, you’re never going to get me back.”
“I know but I wanted to tell you that I love you Rashita, I love you!”
“I thought I loved you as well.” Bubu stopped in his tracks and realized she wasn’t just playing mind games, she really meant it.
“Don’t do this to me sweetheart, I-“
“You what, love her, oh no, that’s right…you love me! You’re married to me, then why did you go off and waste your time lying to me so you could be with Tabia? Well, just because you think I am so stupid, that drives my anger to the boiling point! Just to prove to you I am smart, I’m going to find out who killed King Tut!” That left Bubu and Sudi speechless as she walked off again, to the middle of nowhere.